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«A patch was also thought of as holding the energy of the family. That’s why a piece crafted out of many different textiles was supposed to provide its owner with success in all endeavors: a family, a fortune, a household.» 

Fragment from our research
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Episode №3 is compiled in the format of a research-exhibition. «Quilted Bedcovers: rituals of the past and traditions of the future». (23 — 26.05.2021. Moscow, Ozerkovskaya emb. 26) 
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Ep.№3 is built around the exploration of the history, the symbolism and the functions of quilting technique. It tells the story of the quilted bedcover — a household item that represent traditions of the past and scenarios of the possible future, in the intersection of which lays foundation to our home.

Эпизод №3  подготовлен в формате выставки-исследования «Лоскутные покрывала ритуалы прошлого и традиции будущего». (23 — 26.05.2021. Москва, Озерковская наб. 26)

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Третий эпизод построен на исследовании истории, символики и функций лоскутного шитья и рассказывает, как предмет быта — лоскутное покрывало — отражает традиции прошлого и возможные сценарии будущего, на пересечении которых существует наш дом.

Bedcovers design and exhibition curation — Timur Makhachev, Arina Shabanova. Each instance is handcrafted by mother, Galina Shabanova, edition 1-6 pcs. in the period from 2018 to 2021.

The Ep.№3 is fully handcrafted. It is time consuming and demanding work that conveys the warmth and care of the creator. Some items produced in several quantities from 1-6 pcs, but there are also one-of-a-kind quilts. (one or two pillowcases are included depending on the quilt size).

«Dacha» / «Дача» 200 × 150 cm

«Bridge» / «Мост» 240 × 200 cm

«Garden» / «Грядки» 200 × 150 cm

«Highway» / «Трасса» 240 × 200 cm

«Heart» / «Сердце» 250 × 200 cm

«Stead» / «Участок» 235 × 190 cm

«Quilted Bedcovers: rituals of the past and traditions of the future».23 — 26.05.2021. Moscow, Ozerkovskaya emb. 26

Timur Makhachev, Arina Shabanova
PHOTOGRAPHY: Olga Vorobyova, Arina Shabanova, Timur Makhachev
LIGHTING SETUP: Daniil Kolchanov
STYLIST ASSISTANT: Alexandra Skopina
HAIR & MAKEUP: Yaroslav Grekhov
PROJECT MANAGER: Evgeniya Koynova
MODELS: Galina Smirnskaya, Maria Marchenkova, Alisa Lavrentieva,
Karina Pavlova, Nikita Pavlov, Yaroslav Grekhov, Anastasia Tretyakova, Georgy Sosedov, Valeria Nikolskaya, Alisa Nikolskaya
Timur Makhachev, Evgeniya Koynova, Arina Shabanova
TRANSLATION: Pavel Chernyshev
THANKS: @out_____of for providing frame collection
for the exposition