Creative Direction, Product, Photography
The first Episode is a collection of stories about resources that make you feel at home. Among the sources and settings which awaken this feelings, four scenarios can be distinguished: about forest, dog, energy and a poem as an image of a native place. Each story is embodied in woven blankets.

Первый эпизод — это коллекция историй о ресурсах, которые дарят чувство дома. Среди источников и явлений, пробуждающих это чувство, можно выделить 4 сюжета: о Лесе, Собаке, Энергии и Стихотворении как образе родного места. Каждая история нашла своё воплощение в тканых пледах.

Full Episode №1 is here: ⇗

Creative & Art Direction — Timur Makhachev, Arina Shabanova
Product Design, Illustration, Layout — Timur Makhachev
Product Design, Illustration, Video & Photo Editing — Arina Shabanova
Editorial Board: Timur Makhachev, Evgeniya Koynova, Arina Shabanova
Photography — Olga Vorobyova
Thanks for modeling to all friends!

Size: 178 × 137 cm
Edition of 15 pieces
Material: mix of spun and recycled cotton