Video and logo proposal for Amfion Concert Hall in Skolkovo. 
A new concert hall is being built in Moscow (investor and developer — Safmar; with the participation of AEG, creator of the Coachella festival and producer of the Grammy award). The goal of the project is to announce the opening of a concert hall in 2020. Since the arena is under construction, the task was to present what actually doesn't yet exist. The concept was based on the idea of a short dream about a concert that remains to be seen.

Creative direction — Timur Makhachev
Art direction — Dmitry Kornienko, Timur Makhachev
CG Graphics — Dmitry Kornienko
CG SupervisingAnton Fyodorov
2D AnimationArseny Garevskikh
3D Modeling & TexturingRustam Arazov, Anatoliy Yurkov, Aman Rejepov
Account director — Regina Dasaeva
Music — Dmitry Ustinov
Copywriting — Nickolay Chesov